Friday, August 23, 2019

To make Dash the first mainstream cryptocurrency in Africa, enhancing African economic growth and improving upon the living standards of its citizens through Dash Digital Cash.

To engage the African “Cheetah Generation” (youth), intellectuals, media, women and rural folks in understanding, promoting and exploring opportunities around Dash Digital Cash for economic freedom and financial sovereignty in Africa.

Africa Dash Network is a nonprofit educational and promotional organization dedicated to championing the ideas, understanding and usability of Dash Digital Cash across the African continent.

Being engaged in Dash promotion for about two years now, holding several meetups, conferences and media discussions on Dash Digital Cash in Ghana, Nigeria and beyond, during these events, I have met several enthusiastic and intelligent young men and women of Africa with brilliant ideas to get Dash to everyone within the African continent and to make Africa a financial sovereign continent.

Most of these ideas and strategies never got executed because these young men and women either lack the 5 Dash proposal fee to get their ideas bought into by the Dash community and possibly funded, 1 Dash for Dashboost or lack the credibility to access support from Dash force meetup funds. This is because one cannot be sure if these guys have good knowledge about Dash and good promotional strategies. Most of the funding require to support these brilliant ideas are often not much for these young men and women to risk a loan for proposal fee and their understanding of the technology is often in doubt with no certainty of their ability to put these ideas into reality should they be funded.

Africa Dash Network is set to offer rigorous online training to these individuals through our Dash Leadership Academy (DLA) and to provide grants to get these ideas executed for the growth of the Dash African community at large. The organization shall make sure a person accessing these grants opportunity is certified with our online Dash Leadership training program for a month and have good knowledge of the coin and its technology.

These young men and women shall graduate from Africa Dash Network Leadership Training to serve as Dash leaders in their countries and communities who will bring others into dash community and onto our Leadership Training portal. Graduates who perform remarkably for Dash in their countries and communities shall qualify for grants to attend our Annual African Dash Conferences held from country to country (Once a year in a selected country within the continent).