Friday, August 23, 2019


End of year Dash conferences

Annual conferences held on the 31st November of every year across Africa. The conference is to bring together Dash users, investors/businesses, newbies and the media to discuss Dash and its opportunities to ending African economic woes such as corruption, unemployment etc. the conferences shall feature testimonials documentaries and lessons on understanding dash, its features and opportunities.

Dash under 40 awards

An award scheme designed for African youth entrepreneurs in Dash; this is to encourage startups around Dash and existing ventures to operate around the coin. This scheme is open to all African youth and shall be held once every year from country to country across the continent, however all qualifiers within the continent shall be eligible to participate in the scheme regardless of where it is held.

Dash excellence awards

This award scheme is for all holders of Dash Digital cash in the African continent. It is designed to award best three volume traders and holders of dash in each country within the continent. This shall be done once a year to encourage merchant adoption of Dash and speculation within the continent.

African women for Dash

This is an empowerment program, designed to educate women across Africa (both in rural areas and urban) about dash and its opportunities for financial breakthrough. Women in Africa are mostly breadwinners of households especially in highly impoverished zones. This program is to train women to take up opportunities in dash; trade and to engage in transactions through dash for savings on transactions. This training will be held every month from community to community.

Dash Leadership Academy

A monthly online training portal for Africans who want to promote Dash in their countries and communities. They shall signup for serious training for a period of five weeks within which they shall learn and complete assignments on topics of Dash Digital Cash. Assignments shall be marked and graded base on the understanding of trainees and qualifiers shall be graduated every month with an upper hand to access funding from Africa Dash Network to undertake projects within their communities.